Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sept Update

Update from the Van Farowes The fall term has begun in Japan and we are all very busy. Over the summer the Children’s Rescue Mission, that runs an after school program we cooperate with, had a successful program. 40 elementary age kids participated in the summer day care program. We are thankful to have a small part in this work and for all the work being done. In October we will be in Guam. Kazumi and the kids will be there for 3 weeks and I will be there for 10 days. We will be networking with a small Christian school in the Accelerated Christian Education network. Discussions are in place about starting a one classroom school from next spring. If it moves forward we will begin advertising and keep regular school hours following the coming winter break. In November and December we need to set up a web presence and get people in place. In March, I am scheduled to go through the school supervisor training program. In December a local church will hold a Christmas festival. It is encouraging to be able to invite children to a festival that is not centered around Santa but on the Savior. We hope to give tickets to the children who attend our English school. Last year the festival was attended by about 300 but we were not networked into it yet and only attended as a family. After the festival we talked with the Japanese pastor about a tie up and this winter we hope that several dozen people from our networks will come to the Jesus Christmas Festival. We hope to give 50+ tickets to our students each worth $5.00 in festival money for snacks and games. We will probably be there all day manning a booth too. God continues to bless us. We are in a season in which Japanese leaders and pastors are discipling and we are functioning as gatherers. At times I am frustrated with the lack of depth that comes with the roll. Weekly Kazumi and I interact with over 500 different kids and adults. We end up being a broadly cast net and then the Japanese Christians and Japanese Christian organizations can function freely or be introduced in the networks that form. Please keep us in your prayers and thank you for your support.

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