Friday, January 14, 2011

January Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,
We are back in Japan. We continue to work towards transition into greater missionary service while maintaining our teaching schedule.

Reitaku Schools have agreed that it is okay for me to continue there as a part-time lecturer while doing church work. They have created a 2 1/2 day schedule over 33 weeks providing for our tentmaking income goal of 33% of needed support.

Yesterday I spent an hour with a seeker at Tajimi Reformed Church doing a Bible study. Pray for those God is leading to faith. This person has been associated with us for about 2 years now.

Prayer Requests
Pray for our support raising efforts. In total we need to raise about $21,000 in outside support. Several churches will be considering supporting us for the next budget year. Pray for a positive result. We need to develop a several month cushion in our budget before we start missionary works in April.

Pray for cooperation with Japanese Churches. Our home church, Tajimi Reformed has asked us to put together a vision and proposals for this year. Pray that we will be able to start an evangelical outreach service on Friday nights and that the local church will allow for the service to collect its own offerings and also support it from its general budget. Our launch goal for a new service is April.
We are thankful for the many opportunities that God gives us. We pray that in gathering support and making contacts with those around us, that God will enable us to establish a self supporting, self leading, reproducing group of new believers. We pray these believers will then establish God’s glory in Japan and serve his church.

Blessings to you in your walk with God.
John and Kazumi Van Farowe and family